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EDU307 – The English Language Assessment Item 3 – Text-based Analysis Prepared by: Samuel Hair Student ID Number: 1081985 Word Count: 1964 Referencing Style: APA Prepared for: Michael Carey Tutor: Guy Rushton EDU307 – The English Language Task 3 This essay will describe a critical and effective analysis of a prescribed text, which in this particular instance is a wine advertisement. The purpose of this text will be to inform and persuade the reader of the author’s intentions. The analysis will be buffeted by elements of the four resources model; text users, text analysts, text participant, and code-breaker, describing which of these four are the most relevant to the text and how the author arrives at certain conclusions regarding any statements, however the primary aim is prove the author’s ability to correct interpret the text, and demonstrate appropriate understanding of the subject matter. Two roles of the four resource models will be used within the analysis, and they are the text user, and the text analyst. Also a discussion of alternative activities that could be used to reinvent the text, using the roles of text user and text analyst, will be discussed later on. In order to show a correct interpretation of ‘Text 1’ and its features, its purpose must first be explored and deconstructed through the ‘text user’ feature of the four resource model. This feature asks generally asks three questions; what

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