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Savannah Rode Mr Hunter ENGIB-12 February 2013 Written Task 1 Part 1 Rationale
 In class we have studied various speeches, which link, closely with our study of language in cultural context. In particular we looked at text types about the spread of English globally. I was interested in the tool of speeches and the way that they can influence their audience. Therefore I wanted to create a piece in which I could explore the use of power of speaking the English language in the Chinese community. It is from the point of view of a high school student speaking and empowering through English. I will speak on the history of the Chinese becoming bilingual, and the journey it should take in the future. I decided to use China as a central example in my speech, to show relevance and draw attention by using a current topic. I have written this speech from the point of view of a student in China, coming from someone growing up in a world that must use the English language to survive in a country other than her own. My secondary source ‘How Language Transformed Humanity’ by Mark Pagel, will be used to reinforce the relevance of dialect in all instances. The speech is intended to sound captivating and convincing therefore I have included several stylistic devices including: repetition, inclusive and exclusive language, tone, formality, evidence and appeals, these stylistic devices will emphasise my position. China has always had a
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