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MGMT 1000 Stakeholders Exercise

• Read the NewMindsets resource - “Adopt the perspectives of key stakeholders” – on the ClevrU platform.
• Complete the following questions.
Important Note: the focus of the exercise is idea you have for starting a new business – do not use the “health food store” idea in the NMS example! Find a creative idea for a business YOU want to start, and then see what creative ideas you can learn by doing the stakeholder exercise.
• Post the completed work on Moodle by 10pm Sep 22nd.
Note: This is a pass/fail assignment. You must submit it on time to pass and get feedback. I will review each assignment and give some general feedback along with a possible grading had the assignment been graded using the
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See the “tips” on NMS for support …
The five key stakeholders are:
• Consumers/ Individuals
• Investors and Shareholders
• Private Corporations and Professional Firms
• Employees
• Competitors


Stakeholder #1:_Consumers/Individuals____________________________________________
Complete the following questions. Be sure to see NMS for “tips”

How does this stakeholder see you? • They will see me as a professional who is willing to help them improve their image in their workplace, school or wherever they may be working
How does this stakeholder think about you? • They think that I am grasping for straws as I am trying to raise awareness for my business nevertheless they also think that I am knowledgeable of what I am doing
How does this stakeholder act and react to you? • They act eager to read my blog or website. They will also be eager to help in raising awareness for my business
What can you learn from these insights? • From these insights, I can learn that the consumers/ individuals are willing to help and they also want to make a good first impression.
How will it change what you do in relation to the topic or focus that you have selected for this exercise? • As a result, this will make me rely on them more. This is because due to the relationships I would have established with them, I am able to count on them
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