Questions On The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Donna Goins Mr. Dale McDaniel HUM 2210 – (MW) May 17, 2017 Chapter 2 – Ancient Mesopotamia Question 1 As was one of oldest stories ever recorded the Epic of Gilgamesh reveals the values and ideas of the Mesopotamian culture. The Epic of Gilgamesh was written on clay tablets around 1200 BCE, by the scholar priest Sinleqqiunninni, who could be the oldest author that is known (Sayre 47). This epic focuses on the heroic greatness of the Mesopotamian kings and their people (Sayre 48).This epic consists of eleven tablets, and is written in Akkadian cuneiform. None of the tablets are completely whole so the version is a compilation. These tablets portray Gilgamesh as the fourth king of Uruk who ruled around 2700 and 2500 BCE, as an epic hero of the…show more content…
The Gods had given Gilgamesh valuable information that had given him an advantage. But as Gilgamesh was cutting off Humbaba’s head, he placed a curse on Enkidu ensuring that he would not find peace and would die before his friend. They both knew the power of the gods so when Enkidu died by the hands of the gods, which was a slow and painful process, Gilgamesh was at his side. Gilgamesh, like most individuals, started to think about his own death. Gilgamesh wanted to live, not end up like his friend, so he searched for an individual that was granted immortality by the gods. Utnapishtim told Gilgamesh about a flower that would provide him with everlasting youth. When Gilgamesh found the flower, he had grown tired, and while taking a dip in the pool of water to rejuvenate. A snake had stolen the flower from him and he had gone home with no immortality (Sayre 48-51). This is the first written work of a person to desire for something he cannot reach. This work proves that kings did not want to come to reality with their own humanity (Sayre 51). During this time frame individuals believed that death was brought on by the gods. When individuals die it was the way of the gods and a person could not prevent…show more content…
If there was not such a strong connection why would Gilgamesh need to be by his friend’s side through his weakest hour? Without nature any civilization would suffer a great heart ache no matter how strong they are. Gilgamesh was publicly the first Mesopotamian king to come to realize that he is only human after all. He felt that he was as powerful as the gods during his heroic battles, but when he had to deal with the death of his friend and the loss of the flower of mortality, he felt as powerless as a
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