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Omar Alharthi Prof. Hagstrom LING 408 12.7.2014 Final Exam Part 1 Discuss briefly any four of the following topics (about 100-300 words each). Provide examples to illustrate your discussion. a. Aspect: Aspect grammatical category of verbs denotes the flow of time related to the event they express. Unlike tense that is semantically rather related to the event in time, aspect is about time moving through the event (Riemer 314). The difference between, for example, “I walked” and “I was walking” is in our view of the two events, the first as an event that happened in a certain point in the past while the second viewed with an emphasis on the temporal sense of the event over which it happened. Distinctions can be made between perfective and imperfective aspect. The marking of the two and appearance is different among languages. For example, Mandarin Chinese offers two perfective markers; le and guo. However, in English, perfective aspect forms are those verbs in the simple form like read, ate, walk… and imperfective forms are progressive forms such as am walking, was reading, were eating… It is crucial to understand that the completion or duration of the event does not distinguish between perfective and imperfective aspect because both can be expressed by either form. For, example, the use of struggled in the sentence Ali struggled during his fourth round clearly shows that the perfective form can be used to express an event that happened over a period of time. there is also
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