Questions On The Flood Management At Horrabridge And The Goals Of Protection

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1 Discussion on the flood management at Horrabridge and the Goals of protection?
1.1 Horrabridge
Horrabridge village is located 19km northwards of Plymouth city.River Walkham joins the village which bears pack-horse Bridge to provide the only route to the town. 1 in 20 year standard defines 430m of flood defence on the bank of the river comprising raised masonry walls banks and a weir. Within the River flood plain development led the situation to a risk of flooding within the settlement. Chichester Court is being impacted by the flooding issues because of the hindrance in surface water caused by sewer resulting into supercharging in the system.(Council, December 2014)
1.2 Risk
Potential risk of flood from the river can be seen in the figure below for 1% or more annual probability floods. Maximum risk of property is at Plymouth and its surrounding areas where Horrabridge is also included. 1,510 approx. properties are in danger. There is risk of surface water flooding which due to environmental factors increasing day by day. (Cresswell, June 2012) 1.3 Goals to be perceived
Policy 4
This policy is applied where areas where a high risk is applicable to many people due to environmental changes or social implementations to put in sustainability phase watching technical viability and economic justification.
The policy applies to reduce to zero the minimum potential social and economic impacts whereas evading potentially substantial environmental effects. Floodplain connectivity

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