Questions On The Fourth Amendment

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1. Describe Fourth Amendment as you understand including all areas and places it covers?
A. The main aim of us constitution about the fourth amendment law is to protect the people from unreasonable searches and seizes and also the right of the people to be secure from persons, papers, effects etc....They are no right to search or seize any individuals without any search warrant. They must not be violated by warrants issued without any cause, supported by oath or affirmation, or not describing any of the places particularly to be searched. This law balances in mainly two subjects with the same ratio “protecting individual’s Fourth Amendment rights and protecting government interests, such as public safety” etc....The fourth
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Again in other case if a judge has issued a warrant he can break the door when there is no response from the person and go inside the house to investigate and also he can catch at the public place also. Upon that they are some exception while searching or seizing the things like emergency, lawful arrest, consents, stop and frisk etc…
In the recent years electronic searches and seizures become more in the courts recently due to increase of popularity of the computers. Law enforcement has continuously witnessed continuously increasing of crimes in electronically. This mainly includes in hard drives computers. As per the USA patriot act the legislation’s provisions decided to increase the law of enforcement to search the emails and telephonic communication from different fields. By this they can trap the call and issue the search warrants rather than the surveillance warrant. The law included in the fourth amendment is called The Exclusionary Rule. This law includes the search and seize unreasonably towards the accused.

2. Are there exceptions to having a ‘search warrant’ before a search can be conducted?
A. yes, they are some exceptions for a search warrant before a search can be conducted. In some cases a warrant is not required; mainly the fourth amendment covers some of the situations like, in emergency circumstances a search warrant is not required, here officer can directly search without any warrant which is lawful. Because in this case if
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