Questions On The Health Information Service

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The Health Information Service (HIS) Department faced a mutation in their daily operation due to two main recognized factors: the first factor is the recent implementation of electronic health records; and the second factor is the continuous change in the health care delivery system. These two factors require extra effort and attention in the daily performance by employees of the HIS Department. But of course, extra effort and attention has to be considered only a contingency solution, due to the high risk of stress for employees, which will cause them to feel overwhelmed sooner or later. For these reasons, HIS management decided to redesign work and jobs at all levels in the HIS Department. The changes at the department level…show more content…
Re-engineering and restructuring are generally assessed by the top management of the company. The third level is work redesign which consists of the review of the structure, processes, and procedures utilized by the department to produce an outcome (product or service). The last level is job redesign, which focuses on the review of employees’ tasks, job duties, and responsibilities. Work redesign and job redesign are reviewed and changed by the middle management of the department. Job Enrichment 3 Due to the nature of the HIS mutation (the implementation of electronic health records), the change is going to involve both, the entire enterprise and the HIS department. In particular, the experts that have reviewed the organization’s goals have predicted 29 new additional roles and new functions within the organization. A step by step approach will be necessary to monitor each task of the project implementation. Specific key points have been identified in order to integrate the 29 new roles, and at the same time meet the department goals. These key points include interviewing and receiving feedback from management, and subordinates; identifying potential barriers in the design and plan of the new organization; enlisting everybody in the organization into the reorganization; data eliciting and monitoring the affected organization and department. How are the principles of job enrichment applied in
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