Questions On The High School Girls

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Readings: Bettie and Loewen
Question #1: Do the high school girls conform to these stereotypes because of peer pressure and what they think they are supposed to do, or is there another reason? Although pressure to look and act a certain way based on their supposed class places the girls in groups, teachers and the school also played a role in this segregation and division. By separating the classes into college prep, vocational prep, or job prep, the students are already being placed into groups. This limits the opportunity the girl may have if they were to be placed in a college or vocational prep because they feel they only have one option. This also limits the diversity in the groups, even though there are some exceptions in the various groups. The school should have mixed all the supposed cliques into multiple classes with different groups in one classroom. This would help break up the cliques and promote more diversity among the girls. It would also allow teachers to reach some students who may have felt pressured to act a certain way and avoid college prep, even if they actually wanted to attend college. By separating the girls even farther apart than they have separated themselves, the school and environment is making it harder and harder for girls to break out of their supposed class and get to know each other. Several schools pride itself on diversity because it allows them o teach in a different manner while encouraging all of the students that they can achieve…
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