Questions On The Human Resources Administration

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Introduction The Human Resources Administration needs to integrate the behavior of their employees to avoid chaos and maintain a balance and order within themselves, as well as the functionality and structure of the organization, the importance of formalized guidelines which direct the action of thought and resolutions of common problems related to the objectives of the organization. Therefore it is essential to establish some guidelines that govern the rights and duties between employers and workers. During this Case Study I will discuss and provide solutions for the five issues affecting the retail store discussed in module 5 concerning the lack of human resource tools such as the lack of the Human Resource systems across the organization to provide uniformity, recorded log, delayed in reports, communication, and lack of accountability. Main Body The present and future of any organization depends largely on how well the staff is administered, skill, satisfaction, cooperation and enthusiasm of the workers must be maximized to achieve their intended purpose “Employers and workers may enter into employment contracts. Such contracts can describe the length of employment, compensation, disciplinary procedures, reasons for termination, and so forth. As long as the contract is otherwise legal, it will be enforced in lieu of the at will doctrine. Moreover, contract terms can be created by implication, based on oral assurances and other conduct, even in the absence of a written

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