Questions On The Key Mistakes

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The following are five key mistakes I might make in assessing a client. The first contact a counselor makes with a client can make or break the client’s assessment of me. One of the mistakes I feel may happen is in the first contact with a new client. I know that things can get hectic in the office and I always feel pressure when I don’t keep to my schedule which can make me rush. The client would know right away that I am more interested in getting work done instead of focusing my attention on them. It’s important to meet in a comfortable area that is calm and relaxing so the client feels they are not being rushed or shows that he is not just another file. This type of scenario can happen making the client feel like he may not trust you, or be able to open up to you. The client you meet for the first time, may not want to see you again or tell others of the horrible experience he had with his first visit. This could also trigger something related to their COD and may make them drink heavily.
A second mistake that I might make in accessing a client with a co-occurring disorder is my preconceptions about addiction. I currently do outreach work with combat veterans to help with their benefits or social-economic issues. Veterans are very stereotyped in relation to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Assumptions are that you fought in a war so you must have PTSD since you are a combat veteran and this is the reason why you are struggling. Not every veteran has PTSD but…
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