Questions On The Management System

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Introduction “Companies fail to make the change they intend approximately 70 percent of the time” [1] You have probably read about PPARS (Personnel, Payroll and Related system) which cost an estimated 131 m according to the Comptroller and Auditor General Report on Value for Money Examination that took place for PPARS. PPARS is one of Ireland’s most talked about IT failures of all times and is ranked among other high profile IT failures such as the Credit union IT system and the e-voting system. There are a number of reasons why IT projects fail such as incomplete requirements, Over-optimism, complexity and ownership failure every failed project will have its own mistakes, but one of the classic mistakes identify by why projects fail blog is “Failure to identify or engage the stakeholders” [2] listed as number 4 on the classic mistakes list. Gathering requirements is vital to any successful project and this occurs as one of the first phases of the SDLC (software development life cycle). This report will discuss Requirement analysis and why it is one of the most important phases if not the most important phase of the SDLC. Stakeholders play an important role in the requirement analysis phase as they are the key source in providing information on the business needs and requirements this report will not only look at what stakeholders are but also who they are and the process involved in identifying the stakeholders. Stakeholders can be positive as well as negative, but
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