Questions On The Mind Body Problem Essay

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Searle attempts to reconcile how we can be free agents in a world seemingly governed by deterministic lifeless outcomes. For the purpose of this report, I will first discuss Searle’s answer to the mind-body problem and how our brains are not causally determined the same way many things in our universe appear to be. I will then discuss why Searle thinks that behaviorism falls short and ultimately cannot explain why or predict human actions. I will then discuss Searle’s conclusion on just how all of these elements culminate in us being free agents in a deterministic world. I will then follow this up with my own thoughts on the subject matter and why Searle fails to fully convince me that we are not determined. I will also discuss why I think he is right about computers being unable to become conscious. I will finally conclude with Searle’s main points about how we can reconcile ourselves as free coupled with my objection that we are ultimately determined beings. Searle begins his argument in solving the mind-body problem. He argues that the mind-body problem is so difficult to answer because of four main reasons. These problems are first, consciousness, the main problem of consciousness is how can the mass in my head cause consciousness and mental states? Second, intentionality, yet again the problem of intentionality is how can the mass in my head refer to anything, how can it be about anything? Third, subjectivity, the world is objective yet our mental states
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