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Jonathan Bowden 11/23/2014 PHIL 2201: 102 Philosophy Paper (Matusek) Hey Jenny this is Jonathan your next door neighbor. I’m glad to hear that you are doing better and recovering from the loss of your mother from a tragic car accident. I overhead my mother and your older sister talking and your sister were explaining to my mother that you were recently inquiring about how the issue of your mother’s death relates to the existence of God. I talked to your sister about it and she explained that you were wondering whether this problem of evil contradicts the traditional idea of God because he is said to know the future and everything it holds in it. I’ve been taking a philosophy class and I’ve been looking into God and the problems of Evil and I believe that I can help you understand. On this very debatable topic the common question that is commonly asked is “How can the two objective claims (1. Evil exists. / 2. God exists.) Both are true in the same universe?” First I’d like to talk to you about a philosopher by the name of Augustine who was born in 354 AD. Augustine offers two solutions to this intriguing question. The two solutions are that there is an all-powerful God and there is such thing as “free will”. Free will is simply just the willingness to make a decision by yourself without help or influence from anyone but your self-using your own logic or self-conscious. Augustine believes that God is all knowing and all powerful and that evil still exists only because

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