Questions On The Parenting Plan

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I have some things that I would like to discuss with you, regarding the parenting plan. I recognize the two of us have sort of have steered away from a few details and feel we need to get back on track.

Initially, when creating the parenting plan, the two of us agreed to meet half-way for exchange since you were living in Spring Hill, and I in Palm Harbor. This is why we chose the church. Since you moved to New Port Richey a few months back, I have not suggested changing the location as I felt comfortable meeting there. However, since your move, I understand you only live approximately 5 minutes away from the church; making it an exchange location no longer half-way. After this past Sunday, when I drove 30 minutes out of my way for the switch not to happen, I realized how unfair that is to me. For this reason, I would like to change the exchange location to be closer to the middle again. According to Google Maps there is slightly under 30 minutes’ drive (with no traffic) between our addresses, therefore I feel a suitable meeting spot is at Publix in Tarpon Springs. This is still further of a drive for me than for you, nevertheless I feel that it is an excellent location for a comfortable swap. Please let me know if this is not plausible, thus an agreement can be made on this matter.
I would even consider possibly the parent who is getting the children drives the full distance to pick up, making meeting locations within 5 minutes of the home address (so for
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