Questions On The Pre Test

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2. The Pre-Test was administered on September 1, 2016 and the results are broken into each area assessed within the plan. Close Read Using the Close Read Rubric, two individuals numbered the paragraphs, one circled some key terms, and one underlined a main idea. All other areas of the rubric were zeroes. This data clearly indicated that students are unfamiliar with Close Reading and are not sure what steps to take to complete a Close Read. Main Idea/Detail Graphic Organizer The data indicates that students need instruction in finding the main idea and the supporting details of an article. Several students attempted to write the main idea, but only two students had it partially correct. Twelve students identified one details, six student identified two details, and two students identified three correct details. Writing The data suggests that students have a decent understanding of Conventions, but are lacking in Purpose/Focus/Organization and providing Evidence/Elaboration. Instruction will definitely focus on these areas. On the first section, Purpose/Focus/Organization, of the AZ Merit Explanatory Essay Rubric only one student received a three, eight students a two and five students received ones. The data definitely indicates problems in this area. In the Evidence/Elaboration section, one student received a one and thirteen a zero, which indicates that all students are unfamiliar with using text evidence to support their idea. Conventions appears
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