Questions On The Prison Industrial Complex

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Short Answer Response Assignment II 8-10
1. What is the prison industrial complex? In what way does it play in the existence of what Dr. Michelle Alexander calls the New Jim Crow?
a. The Prison Industrial Complex flourished during the Reagan Administration. It was a way for Corporate America to use cheap prison labor to make huge profits for their corporations. With 42% of the prison population being black and only 13% of the country being African American, it’s easy to realize that the government was exploiting the black prisoners with cheap labor, no union representation, and huge profits that did not get passed on to the prisoners. According to author Michelle Alexander, there are more blacks in prison today than there were enslaved
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The anti-ERA proponents claimed that these women liberationists were making a radical assault on traditional family values. I think Phyllis Schlarfly’s concerns about the amendment were relevant at the time. Most of the women after the baby boom years went back to being housewives and mothers. In reality, as time went on even without an Equal Right Amendment, women have gotten more equality in today’s society. (Module 7/Page 3). 3. What was Reaganomics, and how did it differ with other theories, such as Keynesianism? Why did so many Americans support tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations during the 1980s?
a. Reaganomics was a term created during Ronald Reagan’s presidency to a theory of supply side economics. It believed that revenue could be increased by cutting taxes. Lower taxes would help the business sector to expand, as well as encourage workers to work harder since they’d be taking home more money in their paychecks. This would translate into the production of more products and services, which would increase demand. In support of this theory Congress passed the Economic Recovery Act of 1981. Most other economic theories such as Keynesianism assumed that limiting supply would increase demand. If a recession occurred due to the private sector’s lack of demand, the government would intervene by creating new public jobs to offset the unemployment created by business layoffs. These economic theories were popular after the
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