Questions On The Problem Of Iphone 5s Ios

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• Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the shooters who killed 14 people and wounded 17 others, killed by police men in a gun battle, carried an iPhone 5C. To further investigate the shooting case FBI wanted to unlock his phone so that his contacts, plan, the conversation could be accessed.
• FBI could not unlock the phone. iPhone 5S iOS has a function which causes the data on the phone to auto-erase if multiple wrongs passwords are used to unlock the phone. If the data gets erased from his phone, FBI would lose many potential leads. To help investigate further, on Feb16, 2016 United States Magistrate judge Sheri Pym asks Apple to provide technical assistance to unlock the phone.
• The help requested was to bypass the auto-erase function allowing
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Tim adds this act will make all the iPhone users vulnerable to security attacks.
• Apple gets support from the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.
• Apple struck back in court against the requirements of FBI and they would face an evidentiary hearing on Mar22 when testimony from witnesses on both sides will be heard.
3. Identify the pros and cons (reasons in favor of Apple unlocking Farook’s iPhone and reasons opposing unlocking the iPhone);

• We need to understand that lives were lost at San Bernardino and there are bad people in the society, who continually try to disturb the peace and harmony in the society, negatively impacting the development of the society. If we do not allow investigating bodies like FBI do their task efficiently, the society cannot be a safe place for all of us to live and prosper. So Apple should help in unlocking the phone.
• Apple is doing a great business with great products and services and for that matter, there are many other flourishing businesses around the world. These companies are able to focus on their development activities because they are able to operate fearlessly in the country. This fearless mode is provided and ensured by the government and the hard work of FBI and other secret agencies. If we cannot make the society/country safe, no business can survive. Bottom-line, business exists when people exist, but it’s not
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