Questions On The Renaissance And The Middle Ages

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Ryan Cho
AP European History 1-2
Chapter 12.1 Assignment

Responses to Chapter 12.1 Assignment Questions
Chapter 12 Assignment #1: 12.1-12.2
Terms: Renaissance, universal person, secularism, Hanseatic League, House of Medici, Castiglione.
Questions (6):
1) What are some similarities and differences between the Renaissance and the Middle Ages that are mentioned in this section of the text?
One major similarity between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is the lack of Classical Culture, characterized by darkness that caused the Middle Ages. Although the Renaissance was known as a “rebirth”, later historians explained that the rebirth of Greco-Roman society in Italy had no Classical culture in it, which is why both the Renaissance and the Middle Ages are known as the dark age. Despite the fact that scholars do not believe that the Renaissance represented an abrupt or affecting break within the Middle Ages, there was still much stability in economic, political, and civil life. Italy, in both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, was mostly an urban society, as an outcome of its commercial supremacy and the enlargement of its political system. Both time periods preserved ancient Latin culture, with the Renaissance re-discovering the ancient Latin principles that were neglected at the end of the Middle Ages.
2) What harmed Italian trade and what factors allowed Italy to recover economically?
Grave economic reversals and social upheavals of the fourteenth century greatly…
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