Questions On The Role Of An Insurance Company

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Q 1: What role did you play in the negotiation?
Day 1: Negotiation
Q.1 My role in this negotiation would be the representative of an insurance company
Q.2 Negotiation Notes:
I called the injured lady and requested her for a face to face meeting to discuss the matter. She gave me her lawyer 's contact number for further proceedings. I scheduled a meeting with her lawyer to settle down the matter outside the court. When I met him I let him speak first so that I can get to know their point of view. He said that he would go to court because his client is seriously injured in that accident which is caused by my client. Moreover he said he would sue his client for $300,000. I had two objectives in mind. First was that I had to solve this issue outside the court and second was the settlement up to $300,000. I said first of all if you go to court it would cost your client time and money. Secondly It would get worse because your client didn 't wear seatbelt at the time of accident.
So it is better to settle down the matter here. I admit that my client didn 't give way to your client due to which this accident took place. He was content whatever I shared. He asked me to pay $300,000 to settle this matter. I was successful in my first objective and decided to pay $300,000 to settle the matter.
The main objective of this negotiation was to avoid the court and bring the other party on an agreement which is acceptable for both of us. In simple words as the representative of…
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