Questions On The Science Lesson

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1. What is the name of the unit/lesson?
• The name of the lesson is Animals, Animals.

2. What is the web address for the unit/lesson?
• The website for the lesson is

3. Which art project is integrated into the art unit/lesson? Describe the project.
• The art project that is integrated into the science lesson is for the kids to create an animal, either their favorite animal, or an animal based off of the animals in the area around them. The students will begin by watching a video about how Eric Carle creates the illustrations for his books. Eric Carle and his tissue paper method of creating animals will be the student’s inspiration for how to design their own animal. The students will start off by sketching the animal on a white sheet of paper. After they sketch the animal they will cut the animal out and then trace the pattern on a new sheet of paper. After they retrace the new picture the students will begin gluing tissue paper on the animal. The students can use either pre-made tissue collages of certain colors, or layer their own choices of tissue paper to get the desired look of their animal. Once they finish their animal the kids can use oil pastels or paint to decorate the background of their pictures, and then they will be displayed around the classroom.

4. How and why is this art project integrated into the unit/lesson? [1-2 paragraph]
• This art project is integrated into the science animal’s unit…

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