Questions On The Security Threats

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y: Madeline Lehrner Customer Problems: Complicated IT operations for the following- • Security Threats • Network Performance • Unprotected, Stored Data • IT Budgets There is a rapidly evolving set of challenges that IT professionals are being presented with. Beginning with security threats, IT professionals are constrained with the current technology that their organizations are investing in. There is a need to reexamine the risks, such as leakage of confidential information. While this is escalating, performance issues are developing with the current applications to deal with the secure infrastructure and functions. IT professionals are struggling to find a cost effective way to store, recover and secure data under current…show more content…
It is easier and less costly due to the channel partners, shipping the day after for a 30-day free trial and because of the subscription updates. Barracuda also stands out for its abilities to tailor the products to the needs of each customer. Customer Segments: IT professionals in resource constrained environments The solutions are designed for this specific customer segment because these professionals seek such a product/service during such a rapid growth in the field. Barracuda’s customers range from mid-market business to government agencies. Key Metrics: • Establish budgets • Assess operational efficiencies The key metrics work to understand the overall operating performance of Barracuda. Utilizing gross billings, to understand branding/marketing/sales, Adjusted EBITDA, to consistently stay on top of what is important from period to period, and active subscribers, to ensure that money is being spent in the most effective way are a few way to regulate Barracuda’s key metrics. Channels: (worldwide) • Strategic resellers • Distributors Barracuda has created channel partnerships in the form of a program. The partnerships provide different partners, depending on size and other factors with a framework to sell, including marketing, product, and sales support. These 5,000+ partners grow their business through the partnership as well. Cost
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