Questions On The Skills Inventory

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The ratings show myself rating higher than the observers such as in questions number 1, 9,10,11, 12, and 14. On the other hand, in some questions myself rating was the same or lower than the observers such as in question number 2 was the same rating, but it was lower in questions 3,4,5,6,7,8, and13. In fact, there are no best ratings on LTQ. It just gives assisting to me to know the strengths and weaknesses and how other evaluates me. ➢ Skills Inventory: The questionnaires that utilized in this part are highly reliable and valid. Also, helping me to understand how my leadership skill and what my skill might be. The score of this survey will give me a sense of my own leadership abilities. Moreover, it will show which area is stronger than others, which will help me to know where I need to improve myself. According to Northouse (2016), “the skills inventory is designed to measure three broad types of leadership skills: technical, human, and conceptual” (p.67). My total score on the technical skill is 26, which is in the high range. Next, my total score on the human skill is 22, which is in the moderate range. Moreover, my total score on the conceptual skill is 20, which is in the moderate range. ➢ Leadership Behavior Questionnaire: This survey is helping me in “developing a better understanding of how leadership behaviors are measured and what my own behavior might be” (Northouse, 2016, p.87). The survey assesses two orientations: task and relationship, which will
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