Questions On The Social Organism

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Carla Mendoza 9/5/15 Business 1050 The social organism A-Vocabulary 1. Aloofness - Uninvolved or unwilling to become involved with other people or events. 2. Architectonics- The way in which the parts of a complex object or system fit together. 3. Austerity- An act of self-denial, especially in respect of something regarded as a luxury. 4. Antebellum- Latin for Before war. 5. Certes- A foregone conclusion or certain outcome. 6. Ecclesiastical- Belonging to or being involved the Christian Church or clergy. 7. Monasticism- The way of life characteristic of monks or nuns, in which they withdraw entirely or in part from society to devote themselves to prayer, solitude, and contemplation. 8. Recalcitrant- Difficult to deal with or operate. 9. Tallages- In feudal times, a tax levied by a lord on his vassals or tenants. 10. Ubiquity-Present everywhere. For the critical thinking questions (Pecuniary- Relating to or involving a financial penalty such as a fine.) B-Standard six 1. The text ‘The Social Organism’ was written by R. H. Tawney. Tawney was an English economic historian, ethical socialist and Christian socialist. Tawney wrote the following; Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, The Radical Tradition: Twelve Essays on Politics, Education and Literature and Education: the Socialist Policy. 2. The text is about the socialism of the medieval times. It shows how the church viewed business. 3. The text was written from 1880 to 1962. 4. The text was written mainly from England.
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