Questions On The Specific Target Group

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Items one and two were scored based on the subjects’ response. There was not a correct answer but a way to categorize the information. Age was an important item to ask because the health educators aimed to assess a specific target group. Any of the participants outside the target group was excluded. Evaluating the knowledge of the subjects using a Likert scale assured the necessary purpose of the program. A higher rating on the scale may reflect an increase in knowledge from the program. On all of the multiple choice items, subjects were given an unsure option in case they were not aware of the answer.

Items three through six were all multiple choice with an unsure option for those who did not know. Asking if obesity was linked to type 2 diabetes assessed whether the subjects are cautious about the proper amount of physical activity and nutrition. The increasing rise in obesity has caused more people to develop type 2 diabetes from poor lifestyles choices; therefore, the answer was yes. The items three through six evaluated the subjects’ knowledge of risk factors, complications, signs and symptoms. Out of the list of options, the correct answer was “all of the above” even though the other options were partially correct. From the results, the majority of the subjects were either aware of the correct answer or took a guess. A final item was added to the post instrument for comments and/or questions about the “Straight Outta Insulin” booth.

Information from the trifold board…
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