Questions On The Spratly Islands Dispute

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Research Proposal By: Caroline De Guzman 11558344 Submitted to: Ms. Orchid Cabatuando TECWRIT HFI12 March 1, 2016 Ms. Orchid Cabatuando Lecture Professor TECWRIT HFI12 De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Dear Ms. Cabatuando: Here is a copy of my research proposal regarding the Spratly Islands dispute. I am to enumerate the claimant countries and tackle all the bases of their claims to be able to showcase which country has the heaviest claim over the sovereignty of the Spratlys. Respectfully, Caroline Stephanie C. De Guzman 11558344 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary p.4 I. Background of the study p.5 II. Review of Related Literature p.6-8 III. Research Questions p.9 IV. Research Design p.10 V. Procedure p.11 Executive summary This research aims to critically analyze the dispute over the Spratly Islands. By enumerating the claimant countries, laying out all their claims, and carefully weighing each to come up with the most sound and diplomatic solution to the dispute that has been going on for decades. I. Background of the study “The Spratly islands in the South China Sea are composed of more than hundreds of islets sparse over 360 thousand square miles, mostly made up of coral reefs, rocks, sand banks, shoal, sea mounts, atolls and cays located 650 km from Vietnam, 1000 km from China’s Hainan island, 250 km from the Sabah Coast of Malaysia and 100 km west of the Philippines’ Palawan Island. It is key

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