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Question 1 Within this assessment the team I was in consisted of Brady Gunn and myself. After the initial communication via email Brady and I discussed, which topics we were interested in and decided we would do learning theories, we also decided that we would individually research theories that interest us and collaborate throughout the assessment, it was decided that I would write the introduction whilst Brady would write the conclusion. Throughout this assessment I feel that I was making more of an effort to communicate and collaborate then Brady, I often wrote on the group wiki page and had to send him several follow up emails to get his input into the assessment. As when he took a week off to go camping and surfing and hadn’t responded to emails or wiki posts about the assessment, he had just disappeared. I was unsure if he was still participating and if he was still participating, if he agreed with the subheading I had thought of. I feel we would lose marks for our lack of communication as it was very infrequent and until the end Brady offered little input or assistance into the layout or construction of the Prezi resource. I feel this led to me struggling to complete the introduction to the presentation as I did not have the information of which theories Brady was incorporating to the assessment. Despite the limited communication I feel that the end result of our Prezi presentation turned out rather successful, the information provided and the general outlook of the
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