Questions On The Usa Patriots Act

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Question 1 According to the USA patriots act, the practice of detaining aliens that are close associates with terrorism is not a good idea. The decision by the court can be said not to be the best because it included even people who are close to the groups that practise these heinous activities. The criteria for deportation and detention that covers the plotters or the actual implementers of the terrorist act and the other people that are related or are close affiliated with the groups linked to these individuals go against the rights and freedoms of individuals. The action is against the human rights because all individuals have a right not to detention without trial. Detaining people is against their right to liberty, and it must not get practice on people. Criminals also have the right to fair hearing and the maxim of innocent until proven guilty between beyond reasonable doubt should prevail (Sinnar, Shirin, 2013). Since the people are get deported on account of terrorism, and, therefore, they do not possess the right to liberty in fullness, they can be tried before being humiliated. Although the Patriot Act justifies the detention of aliens until the time they get removed from the United States, it categorically addresses terror suspects. Under the current situation, the legislation is inclusive of individuals with who are affiliates of groups that the terror suspects pay tribute. This action is not fair because it cannot get determined whether the innocent group…

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