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I started exchanging on the February 12, 2015 by purchasing shares in 3 different organizations. The names of the organizations and the quantity of shares purchased are as per the following:
Pieces of fruit (AAPL) 10 shares @ $483.58 every offer
Cisco Systems (CSCO) 50 shares @$23.01 every offer, and
Micron Technologies (MU) 100shares @ $17.94 every offer.
The reasons these shares were purchased was that they were the top gainers for the day. Taking after 2 weeks, the estimation of my endeavor rose to $100,101.78. The MU stocks started going down, i.e. there was a drop in the expense of offer from $17.94 to 17.04. So I sold the shares.
After the class address on February 20, 2015 when we examined utilizing the stock screener, I chose
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(FUEL) stocks for $62.44, and Pixel work (PXLW) for $4.87. The reasons I sold these shares were on the grounds that the costs were falling. How about we take that of AFOP for instance: purchased the shares @$20.86 for 250 shares for a sum of $5215 barring the commission. After 2 days, the value declined to $18.91, which if reproduced by 250 will square with $4727.5, issuing me a loss of $487.5 which is a 10.3% misfortune in only 2 days. The same applies to the next 2 organizations.
In the wake of offering the 3 organizations stocks, I chose to purchase the shares of the 3 best gainers of the day. They incorporate the accompanying: Alliance Asset Management (AAMC) 10 shares@600.00 every offer; Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull (NUGT) 80 shares@53.43 every offer; and Petrobas Arg Shs-B (PZE) 100 shares@6.0 every offer. Additionally, I sold AREX 120 shares @ 29.51 every offer in light of the fact that the cost was falling.
On the 6th of March, I sold 2 more organizations imparts that I purchased utilizing the stock screener. These are Edgen Group Inc (EDG) 400 shares@$11.99 and Kandi Technologies Group (KNDI) 500 shares @$7.10 every offer. The reasons I sold them were the same as others- they were losing cash. Around the same time, I utilized an alternate arrangement
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