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Assignment 2
Ebtesam Falah Alhajri, 2120007594, G:1

Write down detailed answers to following questions. At least write 250 words for each question. All assignments will be evaluated with plagiarism software and submissions having a similarity rate of more than 35% will be awarded 0 marks. While answering the questions use the rules of scientific writing such as in-text citations, paraphrasing etc. Maximum Marks=5 Due Date: 23 November 2016
1. The web services model involves managing and performing all types of business processes and activities through accessing web-based services rather than running a traditional executable application on the processor of your local computer. Debate on this statement by discussing benefits and challenges of deploying SaaS. [2.5 Marks]

First of all, I will define the Web service which is a business application and software service that provided through Internet and web protocols with the application managed on a separate server from where it is accessed through a web browser on an end user 's computer. Software as a service is one of the widest applications of web services.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the capability of users or consumers to use the provided application that runs over a cloud infrastructure. These services can be accessed from different users computers through Web browsers. LinkedIn is an example of the SaaS.

Major Benefits of SaaS:
 Cost reduction and savings: The cost of installation

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