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4.Critical thinking towards Weibo Just because of this freedom expression of Weibo, it also brings loads of rumors in cyber space. Famous American pioneer in personality psychology Gordon Willard Allport mentioned in his book “Psychology of Rumor” that he emphasis the unconfirmed of rumor. (Gordon Willard Allport, 1947) The French scholar Kapferer not only stresses on the unconfirmed of rumor but also emphasis the unofficial of rumor. (Jean-Noel Kapferer, 2011) In 2006, scholar Brendan Nyhan in University of Michigan and Jason Reifler in Georgia State University mentioned that when the brain receive information, it would instinctively defend invasion of other repellent information. (Joseph E Uscinski, Joseph M. Parent, 2014) Weibo is seems like the real-time monitoring system for China to supervise what has already happen in China. New York Times discussed the increasing popularity of Weibo has already built the debate and critical kingdom in the inner social of China in order to profoundly alter the theory formation and social feature of China. For its benefits, it could improve the supervision by the public and push forward the civil society. While in China, as civil enjoy the freedom and space in Internet, the Internet is full of a great numbers of unidentified rumors. The net citizens could not distinguish the true or false of rumors. The judgment of information posted in Internet is rumor or truth is extremely important for citizens, as net citizens need face with

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