Questions On Troubleshooting And Best Practices

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Troubleshooting and Best Practices
Chapter 7: “Troubleshooting and best practices”, focuses on the troubleshooting libraries and tool for AngularJS. In this this chapter we will also discuss Unit testing the Angular JS application using Jasmine, Karma. At the end of chapter we will go through the AngularJS coding best practices. This chapter is organized as follows.
• Troubleshooting Libraries and Tool
Unit Testing o Unit Testing using AngularJS o Unit Testing using Jasmine o Unit Testing using Karma
• Angular JS Coding Best Practices o Code Organization o Keep Controller Simple o Leverage Providers Configuration o Separate Business and Presentation Logic
Troubleshooting Libraries and Tools
Java script is a computer dynamic programming language. It is mostly used for client-side applications development as part of the web browsers. Java script communicate asynchronously with client such as web browsers, it also controller the client. Java script can be used with server-side programming with runtime environment for example Node.js and AngularJS. Java script is categorized as a prototype-based scripting language using dynamic typing. Prototype-based programming is an elegance of object oriented programming in which we can reuse the behaviour which know as inheritance. Java script can also be used in other environments along with web-based browsers such as PDF documents, site specific browsers and desktop widgets.
Java script is typed language and has grate power of
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