Questions On Understanding Employee Motivation

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Assignment 1: Understanding Employee Motivation

Joel Bergman
Latoya Claxton
LeAnne Conyers
Jacqua Little
Donna Lowe
Jamaisa Page
EDD 8472, CRN 50251
Human Resource Development

Nova Southeastern University
June 21, 2015
Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Part I: Employee Patterns of Human Behavior 4
Motivation 4
Morale 6
Part II: Examples of Motivation 8
Part III: Motivating a Diverse Workforce 12
Conclusion 15
References 16

Motivation can be defined as the intrinsic or extrinsic drive to meet expectation and accomplishment related to an activity. For organizations, some of the intrinsic drive is already held by the employee due to patterns of human behavior, personal character, and life experiences. However, the organization has a responsibility to motivate employees further in the workplace. This responsibility ultimately improves organizational performance. Taylor (2015) states, “motivation matters for organizations” (p.28). When this statement becomes reality, organizations will understand that motivation can be enacted through the work environment, relatedness, job resources and support, incentives, rewards, recognition, and feedback and consequences (Taylor, 2015). Research is abundant about the topic of motivation and organizations. It extends from how to motivate employees to evaluating the motivational programs utilized. Readers will realize through various research studies that several
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