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CMPT 594 - Sp 2015 Test 2 Instructions
1. Write your name on the line at the top of the next page

2. This test is to be done and submitted by each person individually, without assistance from anyone else.

3. All Questions must be answered using a Word processor. Your answer to each question must be in the space following the question – Note: Use as much space as is necessary to provide your answer. Your submission must be appropriately formatted.

4. You may cite information from the text book, or from class-notes. If you do this, you must (1) provide the reference from which (document/source) each instance of such content came, and (2) distinguish this clearly from the parts you wrote yourself (and most of the answer should be in your own words indicating your understanding of the concept), by enclosing the cited portion in quotation marks, and indenting and italicizing it, so it stands out.

5. Before you submit your examination, complete the certification at the bottom of this page, stating that you completed the exam on your own without help from any other person.

I certify that I NEEHA BATHINI completed this test on my (Print your name) own without help from any other person.

Signature: Neeha.B

CMPT 594 Software Engineering & Reliability Test Point ____/100
1. a) Describe the basis path testing in detail. (10 pts) Basis
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