Questions On Value Chains And Business Activities Essay

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CHAPTER 1 TOPIC Value Chains Value Chains is considered to be a combination of nine business activities that work together within any business to provide value for customers. Within the nine activities the three core ones are inbound and outbound logistics, these are activities that are combined in distribution. Production which is the manufacturing from raw materials. Sales and marketing which is the interface between producers and customers, such as customer service and advertising. These three main activities are then supported by administrative infrastructure, human resource management, information technology and procurement. These set of activities are performed to design, produce and market, deliver and support its products. (Kannegiesser, 2008) These processes and activities are by which a company adds value to every step which alongside economic exchange between organisations being the core of business relationships. A supply chain in terms of business is regarded as a system which for multiple organisations to move products or services from supplier to customers. In the process it involves people, activities, information, and other resources. Logistics is described as the overall management of how resources are acquired, stored and moved to where they need to be. This is due to the fact that logistics and supply management is an aspect of the build to the value chain. Logistics and supply chain management is based on the movement of products or services, this is

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