Questions On Values And Beliefs

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1. After completing the Defining Values and Beliefs Exercise, list the top 5 values/beliefs that you find most relevant to your life’s purpose. The values and beliefs that I consider as the most relevant in my life are: 1. Helpfulness 2. Work Ethic 3. Friendship 4. Spirituality 5. Tolerance On the other hand, the values and beliefs that are important to me as a leader are: 1. Professionalism 2. Caring 3. Organization 4. Work Ethic 5. Commitment Then, reflect on the early influences in your life that guided your values. How have these evolved over time? I would say that the early influences that guided my values are coming from my family. Since I was a child, my family thought me about being a good person. These values reflected in the way of my family had contributed in our society, such as giving our home cooking food to our neighbors, doing charity to our mosque, involve in our community activities and other things that made me learn and care about others. In order to support our family, both of my parents were working hard and this view taught me that we have to put effort to achieve something. They always remind me to be spiritually close to our God. The religious activities made me able to protect myself from negativities in society such as drinking, smoking, drugs and other negative influences from our social environment. I feel that those values that they taught me through my early life had helped me to have those values. When I was pursuing my undergraduate
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