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Discussion Topic #2 Prompts Prompt #1: Values Worksheet: What were your top 5 values? What kinds of defining characteristics did you associate with your values as you crossed them off the list one at a time until you had only one value listed? What did you learn about your values hierarchy through this activity? First, my top ten values were difficult in itself to pick out because I feel like I could have had many of the checklist highlighted. For instructional purposes I picked adventure, challenging problems, public service, being around open and honest people, leadership, integrity, honesty, helping others, having a family, and responsibility. If I were to narrow my list down to five, I would have adventure, integrity, helping…show more content…
What are your core values in each of those “areas of identity?” Highlight several key “areas of identity” that guide you in life and think about whether the values you ascribed to these areas are values that you truly live by or simply talk about. Discuss any “values gaps” I feel like my values checklist mirrors my identities table. Being a veteran, I was involved in public service, I was a leader, I challenged problems, I had adventure, I had responsibility and accountability and I had integrity. Helping others values connect with me being a massage therapist. In addition with being a husband, the values of honesty, adventure, integrity, being around open and honest people, responsibility and accountability, and having a family come into play. I understand that these exercises are created to get us thinking on a deeper, emotional level, however I also think your values need to be limited in a list of ten or five. I think naturally most of our values list is longer. Prompt #3: Dreams and Desires Worksheet: What underlying meaning did you discover through exploring your dreams and desires in this manner? Can you see a connection between what you desire and your inner sense of purpose? Explain. When I came up with my desires list, I found that the majority of them had to do with creating s table future. My parents were able to retire before turning fifty-five years old because of their smart decision and not focusing on the material things. They focused on

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