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3 Month Link Building Strategy: Duraline Systems
Since the early days of the Web, search engines have worked to redefine the role links play in a website’s rankings. Now in 2015, links still weigh heavily on how popular a site is when compared to its competitors, however only good links count. In fact, due to Google’s Penguin update, bad links (or unnatural links) can significantly penalize an otherwise good site. This guide will define what a good link is, the many ways to obtain these desired links (without penalty) and ways to track our progress.

What is a Good Link?
Put simply, a good link is passed on from one trustworthy and authoritative site to another site it determines has valuable information to offer their visitors.
How Do
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2. Anchor Text: Is one of the most useful and common ways to get the major search engines’ (Google, Yahoo and Bing) attention. As you can already see from our blog posts we’ve written so far, using keywords as your anchor text helps these keywords rank better.

To strengthen this strategy, the anchor text should point to pages that are also using these keywords because you don’t want conversion minded traffic to end up on a page that does not address their needs.

3. Trust Rank: Spam can sometimes sour the user experience and this is especially true on Ecommerce sites. This is why search engines use trust symbols to weed through the overwhelming amount of spam on the web. Your site currently has many trust symbols including the DOTmed logo we added to your footer.

How Many Types of Link Building Exist?
Link building is a creative process, so there are many link building tactics however there are three main types of link building.
• Natural Links: These types of link acquisition come from writing great content that people want to share. This method is called natural linking because it requires nothing more than making sure that your content is well promoted by your team.
• Outreach Links: Outreach links are often gained from an SEO specialist who reached out to bloggers or other websites for links, submitted your site to directories or pays for a or similar paid listing.
• Self-Created:
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