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I have read these same four paragraphs a million times. The only two pages in this “readers guide” that seem at all relevant to my topic repeated what I already knew. The few books that analyze White Noise never had anything to do with my topic. Out of the few articles I got from the online databases, only one or two as much as glanced in the direction of my topic. I was no longer getting new information or ideas from researching and thought it would be better for me to head back to school and work on the essay itself. I walked to the library with my friend and classmate, Emily, so I was going to head back to school with her as well. Once she was ready to leave, I grabbed my stuff and we headed out the glass front doors of the Coker Library. The sun on my back made it hard to walk without breaking into a sweat. We needed to slow down, because of the heat and because I needed to talk to her about my idea. I had the research for my paper and I had a good topic to write about; it’s just that my idea was not concrete enough. I needed an idea that I could tie into other ideas, not one that relies entirely on them. Sometimes verbalizing the idea helps me understand it better. I told her about how my topic was about the book’s different conversations and how they change with each group of people. We discussed the different factors that could affect their conversations like television or trust. Our discussion led us to interesting ideas that would work great in my essay. However,
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