Questions On Workplace Ethics : Eastward Steps Into The Unfamiliar

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Workplace Ethics Eastward Steps into the Unfamiliar "The moral rules of ‘doing unto others, ' of ‘universalizing one 's maxim, ' of ‘maximizing happiness for as many as possible, ' and of ‘treating everyone with impartial fairness ' take second place to virtues such as loyalty to family and friends, generosity, compassion, and courage," (Rosenstand, 2013, p. 609). Coordinating logistics, document controls, customer relations and socializing with executives, scheduling, facilitating presentations, cost management, procedural adherence, contractor over-sight, architectural and design drawing reviews, all of which activities and responsibilities my career was submersed in for years; nevertheless I stood perspicacious for progression. My husband and I, approaching just four months of bliss – commonly referred to as marriage – subsisted on endeavoring through the procurement of our first home in California. It was during which time, within the fresh establishment of 2012, that my direct Management approached me. With an efficacious chronicle in project support, steeped in politically sensitive arenas, they inquired if I was interested in an assignment in Western Pennsylvania. The work entailed a strategy of locating and building / reconstructing a technical laboratory for the work of a newly established and rapidly growing natural gas business unit. Notably positioned on the East coast, this opportunity professionally represented an exciting endeavor. Necessitating travel on a
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