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So you 're a competent writer. You have written plenty of essays in high school. Yet, for some reason, you still can 't see to get an A on an essay. You have the basics of writing down, so what more can you do? Here are some more advanced advice to spice up your essays, and earn you that A! How to Write a College Essay: Address the Opposition Read any book about writing an essay, and you will be told to address the opposition. Acknowledging that your thesis can be argued may seem like it would hinder your essay, but it actually makes it stronger. When you leave the reader to come up with their own argument against your essay, they think that your ideas are then wrong. By saying that there is a counter argument, you are actually strengthening your essay. You are saying that your idea is in fact the better idea compared to the opposition. You can address the counter argument in a couple of different ways. You can either write the counter arguments all in one paragraph, or weave them into your paper. The most important thing to remember is to address the opposition for every assertion you make. Being consistent in this makes you seem like you have a though out position, and will be taken more seriously by the reader. How to Write a College Essay: Define the Abstract Defining terms may seem like something high school told you never to do. And you should never start out an essay by saying: "The dictionary defines writing as…". But defining what you mean when you
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