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Writing, the source many individuals use the majority of their lives. Writing gives us the source to record and problem solve on a piece of paper. Along with writing comes thinking, a source that constantly goes on in a person’s mind. The thoughts that go through our heads put us where we stand today, thinking of new ideas and putting thoughts into action. Everyone has their own style of writing and thinking, and gives us each a unique perspective of life. I have interviewed Andre Stribling as a source of example about his thinking and writing lifestyle. The 24 year old has a wife and three boys. Andre has also served in the Navy for 5 years. Tattoos surround Andre’s body, each representing something meaningful. The one on his left arm was a Polynesian turtle which represented his wife because she loved turtles. Andre’s right arm has hands and a rosary which represents his religion. The last tattoo intrigued me; it was a dragon between his shoulder blades holding 9 planets with his first son’s name in the center. “My son means the world to me” (Andre). Talking with Andre I found a subject that he had interest in, which was History. From small details about Andre, I have found him distinct in his own way. Interviewing Andre allowed me to learn a background about his writing and thinking skills and technique. Like an exceedingly amount of college students, Andre only feels the need to write when assigned; he writes in his sociology and English class majority of

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