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When I signed up for this course I was not expecting very much out of it. I assumed that, like most typical English courses, I would be learning to write proper essays. Once I saw that I would be writing to share experiences (Christmas tradition), writing to inform (biographical sketch), and writing to analyze (visual analysis) the class seemed easier. I thought this class would be a piece of cake! Unfortunately, I knew little of all the goals and expectations that would be needed from me! However, it was a pleasant surprise. I have never realized all the different types of writing, and how each writing area contains its own audience, purpose, genre, rhetorical situation, voice and tone, and context/medium/genre. Before entering this…show more content…
You could only see vague shadows of possible presents, and once the light turned on our faces would light up. It would seem like a mountain of boxes wrapped in shiny paper had taken over our living room.” When writing my biographical sketch, my purpose was to inform my audience of a certain time period in someone’s life. I had a difficult time deciding on what factor of Joanne’s life to focus on. In my peer review Sean Standley pointed out to me that my focus was good but it was not correct for this project. This is what he said: “The focus revolves around the whole life story of Joanne Denison. The story stuck very well to describing good imagery and a sense of reality in the biography.” And “The only thing I really am concerned about is that the prompt of the project was to choose a specific time in the person 's life to write about, not necessarily their whole life. I still think the draft is excellent, however if you are concerned with losing points for it, I would trim down the background information leading up to the parts about nursing and teaching.” With his input I was able to access my project and discover my focus. After many revisions, and much deliberation, I finally was able to discover my purpose. My purpose was to inform Joanne’s children and grandchildren of who she is as a person, what made her that way, and why she made certain career choices. I feel that I fulfilled my purpose
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