Questions On Your Child Is Applying Through This Online System

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Instructions: This form should be completed by the applicant’s parent or guardian. Complete this section carefully as once submitted it will be sent to all schools to which your child is applying through this online system. This section cannot be saved as a draft. The responses to all questions in the parent statement must be completed fully before submitting. No edits are allowed once this section is submitted through this online system. You may create your responses in a separate word editor and when fully reviewed – copy and paste those responses to respective response fields. Please restrict the use of special characters in your responses. Question 1 What qualities of character and mind in your daughter or son most delight you? It is a pleasure to share our thoughts on Dennis from the parents’ point of view. First of all, Dennis is a friendly, genuine, and warm-hearted person, and he has proved so in many ways. For example, his grandmother loves knitting but has poor eyesight from diabetes. For two months, despite his enormous homework workload, he spent 2 hours knitting daily in order to assist his grandmother. Although he is not very fond of knitting, throughout the entire period, he dedicated himself to his grandmother. He has always been kind and generous towards everyone associated with him. Furthermore, he is also willing to do his best to help others, and, as a result, he has gained a lot of friendship and respect amongst his peers. At home, he is grateful and
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