Questions Regarding the Worldviews of Some of the World's Most Renowned Philosophers

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Some of the world's most famous philosophers include Socrates, Siddharta and Krishna. The worldview of these philosophers has also attracted a good deal of criticism that will also be discussed in this paper. One by one, we will discuss all the three aforementioned philosophers with respect to their worldview.
Origin of Universe
The best way to understand the views of Socrates is through Plato. This is because Socrates did not write anything of any significance throughout his life, however Plato did. Plato was the person on whom Socrates had a huge deal of influence. Socrates' belief of the origin of the universe was the same as that of Plato as Plato has said himself that all his writings directly reflect the teachings of Socrates. Therefore, according to Plato, Socrates believed that "cosmos" (his term for universe) was based on revolving spheres. He was of the view that the earth also revolved around this cosmos
Condition /Problem
We find out through Plato's writings is that for Socrates the main problem of the universe was that the people believed in dreams and words. He claimed that knowledge that was not complete or the knowledge that was not based on concrete logics was not true knowledge. He believed that there the truth had yet not been discovered.

What he did to solve this basic…
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