Questions Related to Globalization

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Question #2 Globalization is not a new idea, but recognizing the perils of such movements to universal cooperation have recently been recognized and seem to need to undergo greater understanding. It is true that globalization indicates the mass movements of populations, goods , services and capitol spread out to new and different localities, but what if anything can the populations do to either control or modify these impulses? The purpose of this essay is to examine certain health issues as pandemic threats as a result of the globalization process and discuss ways that governments and nations can respond to such threats. Additionally, I will explore my personal opinions about what effective behaviors are necessary to successfully address these threats. It is always assumed that death and diseases are bad or harmful, but what is often overlooked is the benefit such experiences present. Planet earth is beyond control in many ways, as we cannot control its spinning around its axis nor can humans control its path around the sun. Admitting this fact of helplessness is the first step in beginning to live with a global culture and all the mystery and recklessness that goes with it. Death and disease are natural in the course of living in the same manner that procreation is a natural event. Much emphasis is placed on quantitative living, or living as many years as possible, where qualitative life is often treated as an afterthought. Disease and the threat of death that
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