Questions: Samsung Case Study

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1. Suppose that there's a company that used to be an OEM company or focused on selling low-price product . As in Samsung's case, what is required for the company when it wants to move their business position to the provider of premium products? Please list top three in the order of importance , why? The top three strategies are to first redefine the product direction to provide greater value at the customer experience level, meaning making the products more valuable to customers both at a product feature and perception level. Second, redefining selling and channel management strategies to gain access to market segments that are more attuned to the premium products is essential. Third, the marketing, positioning, value proposition and go-to-market strategies all must also be aligned perfectly to the customers for premium products, and this is where Samsung excelled on a limited global budget. 2. Once the company become the leader in the premium product market, what should the company do prepare next for 10 years later? Why? Invest heavily in product innovation and customer feedback systems to continually ensure customer experience delights and exceed the expectations of customers. Continually manage and exceed customer expectations and deliver remarkable experiences through innovative, state-of-the-art products and services. 3. What is the best thing that Eric Kim did for Samsung ?why? He successfully moved Samsung out of being a price-driven commodity product seller
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