Questions: The Kinetic Molecular Theory Of Gases

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Chapter 10 Gas Laws 10.1 The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases Scientists have made a lot of observations to be able to make acceptable assumptions about the behavior of gases. They stated these assumptions in the kinetic molecular theory of gases. The theory is summarized in the following statements. 1. Gases are composed of molecules or atoms that are shattered in great distances with one another. 2. These particles are in a continuous random motion and are moving at any directions. 3. Gases exert force upon the wall of the container and on other gases during collisions. 4. As the temperature increases, the average kinetic energy of gases increases and when the temperature decreases, the average kinetic energy of gases decreases. 5. All gases with the same temperature have the same average kinetic energy. This…show more content…
1. Why is it that during summer drivers should not fill much air into the tires of their cars? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. A weather balloon is filled with helium gas. What do you think will happen to its volume when it reaches high altitude? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What gas law is being described in the following situation? A person opening an oven may feel a quick flow of hot air. Explain briefly.
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