Questions: What Were Augustus Accomplishments?

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Fatima Hussien
1. What were Augustus' accomplishments?
a. Augustus’ accomplished numerous things in his lifetime, like he said he “found it of brick, but left it of marble”. Meaning that when he took control of the city, he turned it into something suitable to the grandeur of the empire. During his time, there were many pubic building build, such as “the temple of Mars, the temple of Apollo on the Palatine hill, and the temple of Jupiter Tonans in the capitol.” The more building he builds the more the population grew. At one point “the senate, in agreement with the Roman people, salute him with the title of Father of Your Country”. Augustus accomplished many things, he was loved by the Roman people, he transformed the city, but the
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Suetonius portrays Augustus’ rise to power was obtained through methods of violence, and intimidation. He mentions that Augustus had the strictest discipline rule and the he often altered thing to his liking. He also mentions that Augustus would punish centurions either by death or by “obliging them to stand all day before the praetorium, sometimes in their tunics only, and without their belts, sometimes to carry poles ten feet long, or sods of turf.” And that he also ordered a knight to cut the thumbs of his sons, so that in the future they would incapable to fight in future wars. He mentions how Augustus took positions that he was not legally qualified for those positions due to his age. He also mentions that how “he seized the consulship in the twentieth year of his age, quartering his legions in a threatening manner near the city, and sending deputies to demand it for him in the name of the army.” And when senate raised doubt about appointing Augustus as consul, that the chief deputation that worked under Augustus forced them to appoint Augustus as consul by intimate the senate by griping his swords. It does not seem to be troubling Suetonius, he saw that Augustus was establishing something that would benefit the city, and also because Augustus’ problem was with the senate and since Suetonius was part of the senate, he had nothing to be worried
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