Questions: Work Experience

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Questions Work experience As a clerical accountant, I have been involved in various duties. The first is that I have participated in the posting of both financial and statistical information to company journals, ledgers, logs as well as other records through the use of hand posting techniques and computers. I have also reviewed source documents of accounting information to ensure they are accurate and that the proper amounts and account codes are attached to each transaction. I also verified the accuracy of invoices, quotations, and orders to ensure they are entered correctly into the general ledger account. I have also been involved in balancing the company petty cash books and preparing it for reconciliation. Following up on any payments that are overdue was also part of what I worked with. Among other duties, I also prepared local purchase orders, assisted in the maintenance of financial records, grants and contract files, maintained vendor files and assisted in the preparation of payroll by verifying timecards and other payroll reports. What I like about the job Clerical accounting is very interesting and through it does involve quite a load of mathematics which can be stressful. However, it is interesting since it involves going through everything in details to ensure they are accurate and that nothing is left out or included in the wrong place. It also requires a person to develop an unconditional love for the company's profitability in order to optimize it
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